Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Volunteers and Techies

Volunteers can make a program. Last night, 5 community members with Linux technical expertise met me at school to see if our recycled machines were dead. Great news, the tech-gurus not only got everything up and running, they taught me how to trouble shoot some basic issues!

Yes, I've begun that long journey to the tech side. Actually, it's not even close to that but, I have learned a few tricks of the trade. And if I can learn them, anyone can.

What I learned:

~how to reset the boot order
~how to reset the memory card
~how to disable the hard drive
~and most importantly . . .checking the cables

Pretty simple stuff, but a whole new level of skills for me. Tech people could train all of their users on the simple stuff. It takes patience on the techie's part, practice on the user's part, and a sincere belief on both sides that the user can't make the situation worse by trying some strategies.

You can do it!

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