Friday, October 17, 2008

MaineEd08 - Online Writing Tools 4 All

MaineEd08 - Camera Commando

MaineEd08 - Wiimote Whiteboards

White Board Wiimote

I'm having trouble getting connected in this room in the Civic Center so I'll have to edit this later.

University guy – selling pens for$7.00

She puts the wiimote directly on top of the projector on opposite side of light bulb.

All info on ACTEM notebooks – wrote the mac software

Can use almost anything to make light pens

She thinks magic markers work best
pull out the insides
light bulb, switch, solder the battery on with extra wire so you can just cut them and resolder
radio shack sells little battery casings
Test your pens using digital camera (infrared pen)

buy "Open Switches"

MaineEd08 - Blogging in the Elementary Classroom

MaineEd08 -Keynote - Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach

Okay, I'm not using "Coveritlive" for the keynote. But that's because I want to listen, absorb, and because I can link you to her presentation or embed it directly here:

It's all about Web 3.0. Web 2.0 is all about the tools. Web 3.0 is how we use those tools.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

MaineEd08 - Evening

Okay, so those last three posts weren't exactly Linux related but they were definitely technology learning. And they'll be a few more posts tomorrow from the rest of the conference. The annual ACTEM conference is amazing - its engaging, inspiring, connecting, learning, and as this year's Maine Friend of Technology put it, "It's all about the kids." The award winner was Floyd Calderwood. He worked at Hampden Academy for 34 years and did ground-breaking work with Apple and is known for exceptional professional development presentations.

The ACTEM Maine Teacher of the year is Leah Tondreau Welch. Currently, she is teaching first grade in Hampden. Leah did her student teaching at the Asa C. Adams School with Sue Gauthier. Leah was a fantastic student teacher - she worked diagonally across the hall from me!

MaineEd08 - Networking & Communities

MaineEd08 - Self-Assessment

MaineEd08 - Using CoverItLive