Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Purpose of this Blog

Why am I doing this? This blog is for non-technical types who want to use (or are being mandated to use) Linux/Open Source technology in the classroom. I have spent the last year searching the web and joining lists for a non-technical resource to help me understand how I can use this to be a more effective teacher. I couldn't find a resource that was specifically for teachers. I was looking for content that included:
~classroom management
~programs that aligned with standards
~how to use programs with specific lesson plans
~how to set-up student projects
~how to customize programs for my students/curriculum
~info on what I could set up/troubleshoot on the desktop and what I need to refer to the Network Administrator types including exactly what I need to ask them to do
~examples of what other teachers are doing in their classrooms
~grants and other funding mechanisms for classroom teachers
~an easy to access reference tool
~a way to teach teachers once Linux was in their classroom

Since I didn't find anything that even came close to meeting my needs, I thought I would try to create my own site to provide this information. So help me out! If you have a good student project using Open Source or a classroom management system that works for you, post a comment, or email. We can build a great resource!

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