Friday, January 19, 2007

Learning the Jargon

Before the techie-types put Linux-based computers in your classroom, you may be sitting through meetings or reading emails that contain new vocabulary. It's helpful to learn some of the new vocabulary before those workstations appear in your classroom. I found that by familiarizing myself with the terminology and concepts my learning curve was faster and I was better equipped to ask questions that got me answers I "kindofsorta" understood. Check these links out and remember the "Schoolhouse Rock" motto: "Knowledge is Power!"

A Jargon-Busting Glossary

What’s the Fuss About FOSS?Part 1: An Intro to Free and Open Source Software by Andy Carvin An article from PBS Teacher Source:

What’s the Fuss About FOSS? Part 2 A Chat with David Thornburg An article from PBS Teacher Source:

Why Should Open Source Be Used in Classrooms?

T.H.E. Journal: (Technology Horizons in K-12 Education) There is both an online AND a print version of this magazine. Subscriptions are available for free for employees of K-12 institutions and organizations.

Archives & Weekly Skypecast Interviews about using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in schools


v said...

Great idea for a site. I will follow along.


Mrs. W. said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Are there any topics that you'd like to suggest?