Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Web Browser Home Page

At our school we decided that we wanted the web browser to open up to our school's homepage. Several of us have Portaportals (check out www.portaportal.com to set up your own free web-based bookmarks organized the way you want it) that link off of the school's homepage. Mine can be seen at http://guest.portaportal.com/room8Link

Here are the directions to set each of your students' accounts to set the default page when they open up FireFox on the Linux workstations.

Log into each account and open Firefox from the Applications menu, under the "Internet" heading. When the Firefox window opens, select the "Edit" menu. From the Edit menu choose "Preferences"(at the bottom). A dialog box will open and the "General" tab should be highlighted. In the "Home Page" section type the url of the page that you want to be the home page. Close the dialog box and your home
page is set. Click the home key in the browser window to be sure
it worked.
Good Luck!

I'd like to thank my UMAINE MAT student for figuring out the process and then writing the instructions.


Tom Hoffman said...

I bet someone on the K12OSN list knows how to do this automatically with a script.


Mrs. W. said...

I'm sure that you are right but for non-technical types this works. If there is an automatic way to do this that a non-techie could do, I'd love to hear about it!

Mrs. W.

Sharon said...

Hi - I enjoy catching up with your experiences. I would like to suggest you check out Protopage.com as a starter page for your teachers and students. It is a great extension from portaportal.
See an example: http://protopage.com/sharonbetts